Bed Bugs

Orlando Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs are the creatures that spawned a million nightmares and are now on the attack in Central Florida. In fact, bed bugs are epidemic in the Orlando area. Outbreaks of these tiny, blood-sucking terrors have been treated by Envirosafe Pest Control in every kind of neighborhood in the Orlando area. They’re not just in dirty hotels – they’re at the 5-star Orlando area Resort ones as well and swarming the public places you and I visit every day. Orlando is inherently a hot spot for bed bugs due to the millions of area resort visitors.

Bed bugs are most active between 4:00 and 6:00 AM and wait until you're sound asleep to hunt for a patch of skin then hunker down to fill up with a blood meal before dawn. Often folks see several bites clustered in one spot. Doctors call this "breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Bed Bugs cause allergic reactions in many people. Some just skin irritations, others can develop asthma, or in very rare cases, life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

Bed Bugs in and around Orlando Florida have become an epidemic problem. Falling asleep should never be grounds for becoming a blood meal. Sleeping tight without letting the Bed Bugs bite is a sure thing with our guaranteed Bed Bug Treatment. Eliminating Bed Bugs from your home or business is our specialty. Envirosafe Pest Control safely and effectively attacks Bed Bugs in areas of your home where they hide. We are discreet and take pride in returning peace of mind to your home or business.

Our intensive Bed Bug Treatments are performed by our Expert Bed Bug technicians who utilize The B&G Portable Aerosol Delivery System to eliminate bed bugs where they live and breed.

Step 1: Easy Preparation

Envirosafe Pest Control of Orlando knows you hired us to do the Bed Bug work. Not the other way around. Many Pest Control Companies demand exhausting and labor-intensive preparation sheets. We make it easy and convenient for you with a simple two-step preparation.

  1. Wash or put bed linens in dryer for 20 minutes. Put back when we leave.
  2. Reduce clutter in bedrooms so our techs have full access.


It’s That Simple!!!

Step 2: Treatment of Beds

Our Expert Orlando Bed Bug Technicians proceed to treat with our Portable Aerosol Delivery System to thoroughly and systematically treat your bed set, including mattress, folds and seams of mattress, headboard, footboard (if present), box spring, underside of box spring, bed frame, dressers, night stands, armoires and other areas around where bed bugs primarily live and breed.

Step 3: Cracks and Crevices

Dozens of Bed Bugs can hide in recessed cracks and crevices and screw holes in the wall. Envirosafe Pest Control systematically treats all cracks and crevices around windows, outlets, blinds, pictures, posters and clocks on walls, baseboards, and crown moldings, under edges of carpets and any other crevices or void areas in your home.

Step 4: Secondary Infestation Areas

Failing to treat secondary infestation areas such as adjacent rooms where bed bugs may have migrated is the biggest reason we are called in after our competitors fail to eliminate bed bugs. We thoroughly treat all adjacent rooms, including all upholstered furniture, legs of all furniture, between the wall and molding on floor, chest of drawers, etc.

Envirosafe Pest Control is the leading provider of Orlando Bed Bug Control Services and Bed Bug Exterminating Our Bed Bug Treatment Services provide our Orlando Pest Control Customers with a targeted eco-friendly bed bug treatments that are safe for your family and pets. Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has proven to be the number one rated bed bug control company in Orlando. Year in and year out we've been voted Best Bed Bug Exterminator by the Orlando media. Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando’s bed bug technicians are Certified Master Pest Technicians accredited in Bed Bug control through Clemson University’s esteemed training program. With thousands of satisfied Bed Bug control customers in Central Florida, our Bed Bug Control Services and safe track record speaks for itself. You can rest easy with Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando's Guaranteed Bed Bug Treatment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando stands alone in delivering safe, effective, organic pest control and is pleased and thankful to serve our loyal Orlando Pest Control customers!

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