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The American cockroach is often referred to as a “Palmetto Bug’ or “Water Bug”. This roach has also been referred to as the “Bombay Canary”. New Orlean’s mayor Sidney Barthelemy once coined them “land shrimp”. Most home and business owners call them disgusting.

The American Roach is not native to America. In fact this species of cockroach was brought to American from African ships. The damp and dirty ships were the pluperfect breeding area for these hitchhiking cockroaches.

When a pest control customer calls looking for an American cockroach exterminator, they often have panic in their voices. American Cockroaches are the monster goliath of the species. Adults are about 1 3/8 inches – 2 1/8 inches long. American Roaches are brownish red in color except for a distinct yellowish “halo” band around the edge of their pronotal shield. American cockroaches can readily take flight. This is a horrific sight if it happens in the kitchen of a homeowner.

The female American Cockroach female’s egg capsule (ootheca) contains 16 eggs. Each female lays one egg capsule per month.

The American cockroach is a major urban nuisance in buildings, businesses and homes throughout Central Florida. They are found in warm and humid sections of residential homes including kitchens, bathrooms, storage sheds and hot water heater rooms. They also thrive in any room or building which is unconditioned by air. Our Orlando weather provides the humidity they thrive in. Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has one-time service or on-going pest management programs to take care of your American Roach problems.

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