About Cluster Flies

Orlando Florida files are as common as Disney World tourists. Especially in mid-summer and into autumn. Cluster flies are slow moving flies that become more visible as fall in Central Florida approaches. They seek out areas of your home, especially the attic, for overwintering. They will arrive in large numbers often sending homeowners into a panic. These pests are often difficult to eradicate once inside your home or business. They will often infest difficult to access areas like wall voids, attics, roof voids, and areas behind soffits.

If you find large numbers of cluster flies infesting your attic, it may be time to Call Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando. Our highly trained technicians can effectively rid your home or business of cluster fly infestations by using environmentally and earth friendly methods of control that are safe for your home, family, and pets.

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando is dedicated to servicing our customers with time tested methods that are guaranteed to rid your home of pests while giving you the peace of mind knowing we offer environmentally friendly pest control applications.

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Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando stands alone in delivering safe, effective, organic pest control and is pleased and thankful to serve our loyal Orlando Pest Control customers!

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