About Cuban Roaches

Indigenous to Cuba and straight out of Havana, The Cuban Cockroach has found it’s home away from home in the semi-tropical climate of the state of Florida. It is often referred to as The Green Banana Cockroach. It is found throughout the Caribbean and and loves all parts of Florida. Reports have been made on the Gulf Coast as far west as Texas and up the East Coast as far North as Savannah Georgia.

The Cuban Cockroach is the alien of the cockroach world. It’s florescent green or lime green in color and looks like an insect out of a science fiction novel. Cuban Roaches frequent tree tops and palm tree fronds. The also love organic mulch piles and piles of debris, leaves, and firewood. They readily take flights and are strong fliers. Often seen flying from rooftop to rooftop in Florida suburbs with heavy vegetation. Cuban cockroaches have a strong penchant for lights on the outside of Florida homes.

The bad news for residents of Central Florida is that Cuban Roaches have established themselves here. The good news is they are not a structure infesting pest and rarely come inside if at all. At best they would be considered a very random occasional invader.

In closing, we have provided this information on Cuban Cockroaches so you as home or business owners can learn about what they are, and what they are not. Not much of a threat. If you are concerned about these pests, cleaning out organic debris from gutters and removing piles of yard wasted will help deter them. We can also apply Naturecide to trees, shrubs, and tree canopies if they are a problem on your property. Feel free to call Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando if you have any questions regarding The Green Banana Cockroach. 407-580-7124

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