About Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs have become a major destructive nuisance for Florida crop farmers over the past couple years. The are destructive pests of fruits and vegetables and orange groves here in the Orlando area. They are a serious threat to Florida Citrus. They hatch in the Citrus Grove and attack developing fruit. Stink Bugs attack Oranges, Tangerines, and Satsumas by using their piercing mouth parts to puncture the fruit. This damages the fruit and leaves it susceptible to diseases, fungi, and other pest species.

Some species of the Sting Bug such as the Brown Marmorated Sting Bug are highly attracted to light. This can be a major pest control issue around Orlando homes during times of heavy Brown Marmorated Stink Bug movement. Stink bugs start looking for places around structures in late Central Florida fall. They enter homes and become a major nuisance inside for homeowners. Stink Bugs are hard to control because of their massive numbers. Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has one time pest prevention service options and ongoing pest control packages to choose from.

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