Africanized Killer Bees

African Bees Kill man.


Africanized Killer Bees kill 2 men mowing their lawns.

BROWNSVILLE, TX USA – As if Texas doesn’t have enough to worry about with recent floods and floating fire ants mounds, two men have died in separate bee attacks while mowing their lawns last week.

The culprits were Africanized bees aka Killer Bees, which are a more aggressive type of bees.

“They were stung hundreds of times on their bodies, and as a result of the multiple stings, then they had a reaction to it and lost their lives. It was very tragic,” Cameron County Justice of the Peace Jonathan Garcia said.

These horrific creatures have arrived here in Olando too. They arrived in South Florida about a decade ago and are now established in Central Florida.

Just this Summer Eric Rogers was walking his dog Sasha beneath the live oaks in the backyard of his Kissimmee home when he got a strange feeling that he was being watched. He looked around as the hairs on his neck began to stand on end. Nothing to the right or left.

But as Uneberg turned to go inside the house, he decided to look up.

“I thought it was just some strange animal hanging from the tree because it was big and brown and in the corners all you could see were these four golden-like feet,” Uneberg said.

They were bees. Tens of thousands of them. However, these were not typical bees. These were Africanized Killer Bees. The unusual hive is a trademark of the African killer bee, a honey bee subspecies that has swarmed the region as it has made its way north from South Florida. The infamous insect is notorious for viciously attacking both animals and people or anyone that disturbs the nest.

As Eric Rogers and his dog Sasha looked up, Sasha made a fatal mistake that will haunt Eric Rogers for the rest of his life. Sasha barked. The noise and the vibration from the bark sent thousands of Killer Bees into an attack frenzy which there was no escaping. Eric Rogers was stung of a dozen times as her tried to save Sasha from the fury of the bees. His efforts were to no avail. Sasha died at an Orlando Veterinary hospital on July 8, 2017. He was 8 years old.

Dog dies from African Killer Bees

The Florida Department of Agriculture has confirmed reports of Killer Africanized bees in all Central Florida Counties — Orange, Osceola, Lake, Volusia, Seminole, Polk and Brevard.

Entomologists noticed the bee behavior change in Central Florida in the last two years. Killer bees received their name because of the relentless way they attack invaders. If a threat approaches, thousands of bees will descend and chase them for more than a mile. They aim their stingers at the neck, head, and face to stop you from breathing, said Florida Bee Keeper Ralph Deeringer.

“You can jump in a pool and they won’t stop chasing. You are marked,” Deeringer said. “If your head comes out of the water one second, they will attack with unrivaled tenacity. The aggravation they feel is 10 times that of a normal honey bee.”

When a killer bee hive is disturbed, anything within 600 yards — pets, horses, children — is vulnerable, Deeringer said. These bees inflict a painful death.

“We’ve seen spectacular stinging incidents,” Martyniak said. “Just last November in Central Florida, an African bee colony killed a fellow who was knocking down a house on his homestead.” It can take about 1,000 stings to kill a full-grown man — or 10 stings per pound of body weight — but for people who are allergic, it only takes one.

If residents come across a bee colony, experts advise them to act quickly and call a professional bee removal service.

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