About Asian Lady Beetles (Lady Bugs)

Asian Lady Beetles - Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando

This is another common overwintering pest we refer to as an occasional invader. These beautiful beetles are native to Asia and were originally introduced into the United States in 1981 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a beneficial biological control agent as a predator of aphids and scale insects.

Beginning in late October during a warm sunny afternoon following a cold night, the Asian Lady Beetles congregate en masse on the exterior surfaces of homes and businesses and other buildings in search of suitable overwintering harborage. These beetles are drawn to warm sun reflecting off south to southwest facing surfaces of structures. This behavior is mimicked in their native land of Japan where they are often observed by the hundreds of thousands on the S/SW side of rock cliffs and sky scrapers.

Once introduced to the US as a beneficial insect they took off like a bad strain of Kudzu and have become and invasive and damaging urban nuisance. They stain surfaces, emit a malodorous stench startled or crushed, and they will bite humans. They will enter your home in every crack and crevice known to the imagination and infiltrate your home making a horrific mess.

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