Are there Bed Bugs in Walt Disney World Hotels?

Worrying about Bed Bugs is the last thing any family headed to Orlando for a Walt Disney World or Universal Studios vacation needs to worry about. The occurrence of bed bugs at any property on Wald Disney World or Universal Studios Resort is pretty rare. However, at the thousands of off site hotels and Resorts – even the nice ones – frequently deal with unhappy guests that have been terrorized by the nocturnal blood suckers. Bed Bugs will ruin your Orlando vacation to Walt Disney World and could possibly ruin life as you know it if the infestation catches a ride back to your home via your luggage or belongings.

There is no standard of Hotel Resort that is immune to Bed Bugs. The five star resorts of Central Florida get infested just as often as the dirty budget motels in the seedier parts of town. Just reference any of the Orlando online Bed Bug registries and see for yourself how many resorts and hotels have bed bug complaints. Bed Bugs are epidemic in Mickey Mouse’s Fiefdom. Orlando Exterminators can hardly keep up. Business is booming in the Pest Control Industry.

How do you know if your hotel, motel or Resort room is infested with Bed Bugs? Here is a video with detailed instructions on how to perform a thorough bed bug inspection at your Orlando Hotel upon checking in. Don’t rush out to the parks at Disney or Universal before inspecting your room. The last thing you want after a long day of fun filled magic is to return with your family to a room full of bed bugs readying to feast on you and your kids.

Along with the video, Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando has provided some expert advice for avoiding Bed Bugs on your Disney World vacation or Universal Studios vacation.

The first tip regarding advice is to place luggage in the bathtub and NOT in close proximity to the hotel luggage rack.

Far too often our techs have found bed bugs hiding in the material straps and other areas on hotel luggage racks. This advice is actually printed in many publications. As hand on day in day out bed bug exterminating experts, we can tell you this is bad advice. The bath tub’s surface is inherently inaccessible to bed bugs and they aren’t likely to crawl into this area. Immediately put your luggage in bath area upon arrival to your room.

Representatives from The Florida Pest Management Association suggest leaving all luggage at door when you first check in. They encourage Orlando vacationers to hesitate unpacking until you’ve had an opportunity to inspect your room.

Josh Allman with Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando recommends starting the inspection with the head board of the bed.

“More often than not, bedbugs will be in close proximity to the bed and typically no more than 15 feet away from their human hosts” says Allman. “However, bedbugs are elusive and are masters at playing hide and seek. A thorough inspection is critical.

Don’t forget to pack a flashlight with you or download the flashlight on your phone before planning your flight to Walt Disney World. No proper bed bug inspection can be performed without it.

Often headboards are attached to the wall making it difficult for inspection. In this instance a small mirror as an accessory to your flashlight is helpful.

Also, it is important to know what your looking for before you arrive in Orlando”, says Joe Campbell of Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando. As a general rule of thumb bed bugs are the size and shape of an apple seed. However, your inspection must factor in other signs than just live bugs. Fecal stains, and blood stains are often tell tale signs of a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bugs Disney World

Inspect all tufts in the mattresses and the gap between mattresses and box springs.
Check the piping of the mattress

Look for bed bug feces too. Their fecal stains are brown to dark brown and look like scattered spots that vary in size. They will be numerous in areas where the bed bugs have found suitable harborage.

Inspect all drawers in furniture and night stands. Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando recommends taking all drawers completely out.

Pictures on walls. Don’t forget to take a quick glance here. We find them quite often behind wall decor.

Bed Bugs

This may all sound like a daunting task but in reality a quick bed bug inspection will take you about 10 minutes. You’re vacation and peace of mind will be well worth it.

If you do happen to find bed bugs, notify hotel management immediately. Do not accept another room that is adjacent to the room you found bed bugs in. They should take care of you. If not, there are Orlando Bed Bug registries you may report them to.

If you don’t follow our advice and end up on the business end of a Bed Bug blood meal, you must take proper precautions not give bed bugs an escort back to your house or your new hotel. We recommend insisting hotel management launder all your clothes and drying them in a hot dryer. Upon returning home, don’t forget to dry your clothes again to be safe.

Bed Bug bites are often nasty and painful. If you have a bad reaction we suggest seeking medical advice on treatment.

Keep in mind that no hotel, motel, or resort in Orlando is Bed Bug proof. You can google your specific resort and compare data and reports to and the bed bug registry. But remember, the best advice is to inspect your respective room before getting comfortable and unpacking your belongings.

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