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Roaches / Cockroaches can be found infesting just about everything. From homes to businesses to the restaurants you dine at. Most all roaches love moisture and may follow utility lines, drains and water pipes through walls from one home to another. This immutable truth may be especially troubling in apartment building and apartment complexes. These types of building often require ongoing pest control maintenance. Orlando and Central Florida provide a climate that is conducive to most all types of roaches. Often referred to as Waterbugs or Palmetto Bugs, the American Cockroach, Smokey Brown Cockroach and many others run rampant in our mild humid Central Florida weather and will often invade your Orlando home or business from exterior sewers, pipe casings, and drains. .

Cockroaches are survivors and accomplished hitchhikers. In fact, German cockroaches usually first get into buildings by lodging themselves in pocketbooks, boxes, clothing and grocery store items. They along with bed bugs often find their way into homes via furniture and in other items brought into homes and businesses by people.

German cockroaches love to find harborage areas on wood rather than on metal and other surfaces. Specifically where wood is adjacent to water or moisture sources. That’s why our inspections most often reveal them living in wood cabinets or in cardboard boxes near kitchens and bathroom areas. German cockroaches leave feces all over their harborage areas that leaves a chemical scent that other roaches migrate to. Massive numbers of cockroaches may infest areas where fecal matter has accumulated in kitchens where you cook and eat. These hot spots are often referred to as cockroach aggregation destinations.

All dishes and food items should be removed from cabinets shelving prior to treatment for cockroach infestation. Proper sanitation and great housekeeping helps put stress on a cockroach populations by allowing treatments to access the infestations. This is especially true with cockroach baits.

Eliminating cockroach infestations
Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando begins by providing a free phone consultation to determine if your infestation is likely German Cockroaches or one of the many other Florida Cockroach species that infest from the exterior, attics, or crawl spaces. German cockroaches are like mice, they’re communal and like to share our food. Harborage where roaches seek shelter include electric motors, kitchen cupboards, electronic equipment, false ceilings, wall voids and accessible cracks and crevices, and in close proximity to kitchen appliances, cabinets and sinks.

Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando may impliment vacuuming in some instances to provide immediate reduction in these nuisance pests. We use many application techniques and methodologies to provide effective cockroach elimination, including crack and crevice treatments, dusts, Alpine WSG, organic methods, baits and monitoring.

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