Hurricane Irma spawned swarms of these central Florida insects and they’re terrifying!

galliniper mosquito in Orlando Florida

We knew it was coming. There was no doubt, Hurricane Irma, in her swathe of Central Florida destruction, would foster a proliferation of mosquitoes. Left in the wake of one of the biggest storms in Orlando’s history was a land littered with stagnant pools of standing water. A mosquito breeding ground of epic, proportion. There were literally hundreds of thousands of puddles and cesspools of standing stagnant water left behind by the torrential rains from Hurrican Irma.

However, mosquito bites are child’s play compared to what we discovered this week. It is truly terrifying. Giant mosquitoes with a proboscis that rivals the diameter of a turkey injection baster. A beak with a hypodermic needle. The pain from a Central Florida Giant mosquito bite is no less than excruciating than a shot in the arm from your general practitioner, according to Enirosafe Pest Control Technician, Dayton Rogers. “I was in a backyard treating a fence line of thick vegetation consisting of palms and shrubs. I was there for one of our Green Package Pest Control Customers performing our mosquito prevention services“, said Rogers. “I was readying to apply our organic mosquito control product, (Nature-Cide) to the vegetation at the back of our customer’s property when a large swarm of Giant Mosquitoes (aka Gallinippers) emerged.” “I got bit a least five times”, said Rogers. “It was as painful as a getting stung by a hornet. These Gallinipper mosquitoes are highly aggressive biters. Making them a true terror of the Central Florida outdoors.

Any longtime resident of Orlando or Central Florida has likely experienced the wrath of the Gallinipper at some point in their lives. There are urban tales of mosquitoes the size of birds. Others jokingly refer to the mosquito as the State Bird of Florida. While this is an exaggeration, the Gallinipper is indeed an intimidating species of mosquito. For reference, please see the comparison to a normal sized Florida house mosquito below.

Florida Gallinipper Mosquito - Giant Mosquito

Felica Davis of Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando reports many calls over the past week of Orlando area pest control customers calling in with terrifying reports of “Giant Mosquitoes”. “We get mosquito calls every day”, says Felicia. “I just can’t recall getting calls about Giant Mosquitoes before, and this week we’ve had several calls”. We’ve reached out to the Univerity of Florida. While their Entomologists could not confirm that the surge (third week of September 2017) of Gallinipper Mosquitoes is a direct effect of Hurricane Irma’s aftermath; we have no doubts these swarms were spawned from the thousands of stagnant water cesspools left over from an unwelcomed visit from Irma.

Central Florida has several mosquito species that are disease carriers. Specifically yellow fever, dengue fever, West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis. While the Gallinipper has been identified as carrying deadly mosquito-borne viruses, like West Nile virus and dengue fever, scientists claim there is no evidence proving they are able to transmit any diseases.

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