How to identify Bed Bugs in Orlando Florida

Before contacting a bed bug control company in Orlando you should first identify the pest to make sure in fact it is a bed bug. Often a local Bed Bug exterminating company will gladly give you some tips or perform a bed bug inspection for a fee.

The Common Name for this insect is: Bed bug

It’s Scientific Family is: Climex lectularius Linnaeus

Bed bugs which are not had a blood meal are reddish brown in color. Bed bugs that have fed on you or your family members are typically reddish brown and engorged. Young or baby bed bugs are referred to as Nymphs. Nymphs are clear in color when they are first born and grow darker as they grow.

Bed Bugs are insects and as such have six legs.

Bed Bug are oval in shape and look life a flattened football. Any good bed bug exterminator can tell you they are flat and oval in shape. They often swell up after a blood meal and grow longer.

Bed Bug adults are about 1/4 inch in length. They young baby or nymph bed bugs are much smaller in size.

Orlando Bed Bug Control Exterminator
Orlando Bed Bug Exterminating and Control

Bed bugs are reproductive machines and their biological reproduction inherently is conducive to promoting severe infestations. The female bed bugs lay many eggs each day – two to five per day and up to 1000 eggs in the course of the bed bug’s life span. Bed Bug females lay their eggs in proximity to where people are. Bed Bug females find areas where humans frequent by finding the carbon dioxide in the air we exhale. Females prefer cracks and crevices with rough surfaces such as wooden headboards, mattresses and bed frames. Couches, curtains, nightstands, and behind pictures on walls are other popular places for egg placement. It is important to note that a bed bug can live up to a year without a blood meal.

Bed bugs find us by the carbon dioxide emitted when we as humans breathe. They will also attack pets by the same method. Bed Bugs most often feed at night on areas of exposed skin on your body. They will however feed during the day if a blood meal readily available. This is especially true when populations have reached high numbers. Again, bed bugs prefer humans but they will feed on any available animal is human hosts are not available.

Once of the scariest things about bed bugs is they actually administer a chemical to your skin before piercing it to you remain in a state of deep sleep as the pierce your skin and fill up with your blood. Once the bed bug finds a suitable spot on your skin, it pierces you skin and fills its body with your blood. It takes a bed bug about 10 minutes to fill up with your blood and engorge fully. The hollow beak like feeding tubes are pulled out of your skin then the bed bugs retreat to a secluded place in a nearby crack or crevice and hid for about a week. During this time they rest and digest their meal. A week later they’re back on the hunt and will return again to feast on your blood.

When inspecting for bed bugs concentrate on all areas where you sleep or frequent.

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