Possessed Hornets Nests in Florida Swamp

Is this the remains of some skeletal mummified hornet zombie? Is this creepy doll hanging over a swamp in a tree and engulfed by a nest of hornets a sign of something more sinister? These hornet nests which are terrifying enough in their own right, are enough to instill terrifying horror into any sane human. Even the most seasoned pest control exterminator would likely run like an ingenue girl at the sight of either of these hornet nests.

Scary Hornets Nest near Orlando Florida

Orlando Pest Control Creepy Hornets Nest

The hornet’s nest with the face and the hornets nest built around the doll in the tree were both found at a cabin near a swamp in Kissimmee Florida just outside Orlando in Central Florida. With alligators roaming the swamp floor and these seemingly possessed hornets nest covering the aerial space, the No Trespass signs surrounding the grounds of the cabin seemed to be useless.

Luckily the nest was abandoned, as most species tend to use their nests for just one season, after which their worker populations perish in winter and their fertilized female overlords shelter until the spring.

Hornets build communal nests by chewing wood to make a homemade cement made up of their saliva and wood pulp. While they are usually not quite this creative, the nests are often huge structures around the size of a basketball, with one of the largest known examples being bigger than a refrigerator.

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