About Protecting Bees While Controlling Mosquitoes

There is a fine line we at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando must walk to protect health by ridding your property of mosquitoes while at the same time keeping our valuable Orlando bees safe and protected.

Florida is the third largest bee keeping state in the nation and we realize the importance of protecting this valuable asset. We keep up with and have a great working relationship with Florida bee keepers. With the outbreak of Zika and West Nile in Florida there is a concern about increased pesticide applications from pest control companies that use an uneducated “carpet bombing” approach to mosquito control. It’s our responsibility at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando to educate our customers and our competitors. We are Orlando’s stand alone provider of mosquito control services are honey bee conscious.

We at Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando make ourselves informed and educated about products and applications. Our targeted mosquito programs and applications are designed to keep bees safe and are not applied blindly and indiscriminately, but rather with environmentally friendly products and targeted applications that protect our honey bees. Honey Bees are the very essence of our livelihood. Its our responsibility to protect them.

Call Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando today and let us come out and rid your property of mosquitoes while having the peace of mind you’re hiring the most environmentally conscious, bee friendly pest control service in Orlando and Central Florida. We have one time event mosquito treatments and several mosquito treatment packages to choose from.

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Envirosafe Pest Control Orlando stands alone in delivering safe, effective, organic pest control and is pleased and thankful to serve our loyal Orlando Pest Control customers!

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